Thursday, July 31, 2008

Checking the Weather

Being a weather forecaster in Phoenix has to be one of the easiest jobs around. and sunny. If that is your weather forecast every day of the year, you won't get it wrong very often. Climate is one of the great attractions of Arizona. It is a dry heat, after all...

Downtown Phoenix is on the verge of dramatic new additions to the urban landscape. The incremental changes continue to evolve in a positive direction as well. ASU will open the Walter Kronkite School of Journalism and 700 new students will move into their rooms in the new housing tower this month. The new Sheraton Hotel will open in October and the Convention Center will open in January. In December, the new light rail system will open to the public giving a new face to transportation in the Valley of the Sun.

For more updates on downtown Phoenix large and small check out downtown's new blog:

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