Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Choosing Comminity in '09

It's no secret that the economy has taken a nosedive with no clear surfacing to in sight. Fortunately, there are still a few secrets out there on how to cope with it. It seems as though when times take a bad turn, it gives you a chance to reevaluate your day to day choices. Even simple choices like going to the grocery store can make an extensive impact in your community without you even realizing the depth of it. Here are some examples of choices you can make that will ripple the surface until we reach smoother sailing ahead.

Good Groceries
Walk or take public transportation to the grocery store. It'll make a world of difference.
This creates a pedestrian atmosphere that attracts others to do the same. You can interact with your neighbors and get more people wanting to live downtown in one fell swoop.
Not only are you saving gas money and getting exercise, you are reducing our carbon footprint. Take it a step further and bring a canvas bag to the grocery store.
Not only will you be giving your sales tax back to your community, you can make the choice to spend that money at a locally-owned grocery store such as Bashas or Ranch Market. The more money we rack up in monthly sales tax, the less likely we are to lose important funding for our schools, streets, and services.

Free Fun
There are loads of free events and projects happening in PHX every week, take advantage of them!
Without a lot of support, there is a good chance that these festivals will stop receiving the funding and sponsorship they need to exist. Just for attending a free event, you are keeping PHX active and vibrant.
Ride your bike to the event and enjoy the outdoors. It is incredible how much time we spend indoors considering our famous AZ weather.
Not only is this free for you but there is a chance that you will end up finding local businesses, artists, vendors and restaurants that you wouldn't have known about otherwise. Birthday gifts from First Friday vendors are sure to be one of a kind.

These are just a couple of thoughts on how to soften the blow. Eat locally, say hi to your neighbors and get outside. You'll be making PHX a richer community with every small choice. Feel free to post more thoughts and suggestions on how you create community everyday.

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